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A Guide for Real Estate Investors

When investing in real estate, it can be a rather intimidating experience, especially considering the latest changes in the Canadian real estate market. Here is some helpful information about various ways to money on real estate.


Mortgage approval on your 2nd property is a far trickier process than approval for your primary residence. Procuring your elusive 2nd mortgage means a down payment of 20%. Plus, instead of the usual 80%, you’ll only be able to utilize a smaller portion of the income you’ll acquire from rent. You’ll probably need a 50% down payment if you’re seeking mortgage approval for a commercial property.


Any funds you received through rent is classified as income in Canada. As such, this amount is commonly taxed. If your investment property rises in value – from the point of purchase to the point of sale – you’ll be faced with capital gains taxes. When looking to purchase an investment property you should consult with an accountant to fully grasp the tax rules.


When you invest in real estate, you should do so with long-term goals. Profits aren’t instant—if you expect to see a return on your investment quickly, you’ll be thrown for a loop by the turbulence of the real estate market.

How to Make or Break Investments in Toronto Real Estate


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